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Our goal is to be Austin’s first choice in psychotherapy and general psychiatry

Taking charge of your mental health can feel like an overwhelming task. At Pondworks, every step in our process is designed to make you feel welcome and secure. All Pondworks team members, from the front office to your individual provider, serve clients with a warm, friendly attitude and straight forward communication style. We view each client as a unique, multidimensional individual and customize treatment to address specific wants, needs and goals. This website is designed to demystify the process in choosing a mental health provider and provide information about financing your mental health care. We look forward to serving you.



Dr. Bernard Kim has enjoyed the privilege of offering services in psychiatry and psychotherapy to the Austin community since 2004. Dr. Kim remains indebted to his psychotherapy training, which informs his care for every patient, whether or not he is the primary therapist…

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BioPsychoSocial Outpatient Psychiatry Field Journal

Three Pondworks staff members (and the occasional guest contributor) share observations about our practice and the field of Psychiatry, from provider, patient, and business perspectives.

Can computers make better genetic medication choices than Psychiatrists? We have been asking ourselves lately a timely question. Can computers make a better genetic medication choice than a local [...]

April 24th, 2019|Mental Health|
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