Amanda Corley is a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner.  Before Psychiatry, Amanda cared for critically ill patients in the intensive care setting.  She quickly realized that nearly all her patients suffered from comorbid psychiatric illnesses, such as depression, anxiety, panic attacks, psychosis, delirium, addiction, and withdraws.  Amanda has always placed paramount importance on mental health and feels honored to create trusting, therapeutic relationships with patients under her care.  She strives to nurture the therapeutic alliance in a way that helps her patients feel at ease, heard, and genuinely cared for in a judgement-free and empathic environment.  In every session she works hard to understand both troublesome and non-troublesome aspects of her patient’s life so that she can treat them in a holistic way, tailoring each patient’s needs as they work as a team in pursuit of mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical well-being.

Austin Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

In her free time Amanda enjoys painting, gardening, live music events with family and friends, and staying active by doing triathlons.  She strives to maintain a healthy work-life-workout balance to promote a good mood for herself and hopes to lead by example for her patients in that arena.

Amanda joined Pondworks Psychiatry & Psychotherapy in April, 2019.