How Much Support Is Your Local Provider Getting? 

APondworks we work hard to create a unique work opportunity for our nurse practitioners.  How this translates to you as our patient is as follows.  The nurse practitioner you see has a whole team supporting his/her work with you.  Our providers want to take care of people!  They want quality, caring and efficient clinical support to improve their ability to work with you.  They also don’t want to be slowed down by the dizzying amount of paperwork and other clerical tasks that can create stress and burn out for providers.

Our Top Priority As Mental Health Service Providers In Austin

Our goal at Pondworks is to create a full service clinical and administrative team to support our nurse practitioners.  The end result should be well supported, happier clinicians who can focus on providing excellent care to you!

Take a look at what we das described below and see how it fits our motto for working at Pondworks: 

  • Come to learn sound general psychiatric skills.
  • Come to learn psychotherapy. 
  • Stay for the team and support you get to working here! 

Clinical Settings and Your Therapists, Psychologists & Councilors  Education

Ensuring quality psychiatric care starts with supervision time devoted to each provider.  Education and supervision opportunities at Pondworks are thoughtful, designed to help providers “level out” needed skills as well as to further areas of strength.  Weekly individual meetings with board-certified psychiatrist Bernard Kim, MD have been “scheduled and keptsince Pondworks opened its doors in 2014.   These meetings offer a chance to review cases covering general psychiatry and psychotherapy skills.   

Support and education of your local Austin Therapists, Psychologists, Counseling

How Much Support Is Your Local Provider Getting?

In addition group meetings including informal case conferences, formal lectures as well as access to Dell Medical School grand rounds occur each month. 

The final anchor to support providers stems from having a board-certified psychiatrist practicing on-site and being physically available.  This means individual questions or problems can be addressed face to face.  Many nurse-practitioners provide care at sites without the benefit of immediate access to a physician physically present on-site. 


Administrative Tasks And Distractions That A Mental Health Provider Deals With.

There are too many tasks to list them all!  How many distractions can a provider handle before your care get impacted?  Even though there is no exact answer, at Pondworks our belief is they do affect care and we aim to remove as many possible.  This means important daily tasks are handled like:   

  • Getting medical records
  • Handling scheduling
  • Answering administrative questions
  • Making sure things are working
  • The office is well stocked. 

It also means many behind the scenes activities are kept up with like: 

  • Provider credentialing with insurance companies
  • Handling problems with getting insurance to pa
  • Answering calls
  • Scheduling visits.