The Best Exercise Frequency To Help Beat Depression

Kitchen table wisdom would say exercise helps chase the blues away if you are in a depressed state.  Medicine and Psychiatry agree, and doesn’t that feel good if not obvious!  Still, there’s something about smart folks in medicine having taken the time to look at the exercise question and how it affects your mood.

Don’t forget the finer details and really important questions such as, How often should I exercise so I can feel better mentally?  How much movement do I need to include in my week in order to feel better mentally?  When will this additional activity in my life start to help my mood?  And the final questions is, How much will going to the gym or getting outside on a walk actually help me?

For those of you juggling a couple of jobs, shuttling kids around, or maybe anyone done much about exercise ever getting started or  “your foot in the door” can be incredibly important.

Reduce Your Chances of Depression with Workouts that are Based on Evidence.

At Pondworks Psychiatry in Austin, TX we look through the latest evidence-based treatments to answer questions just like these.  It turns out that once a week may be enough to help your resilience to depression.  A study in the American Journal Psychiatry showed that this level of exercise could reduce chances of depression by 15-20 %.  The type of exercise should be at least one hour a week of at least light intensity (exercise without becoming breathless).   They also found that depression protection increases when you go up to about two hours per week.  These kinds of numbers may be a great start to emotional wellness!

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