Increasing Our Patients Access To Psychotherapy With Therapists In Residence

I want to introduce our day to day operations at Pondworks from time to time in our blog.   Especially when our commitment to provide balanced care can be showcased and explained to you.  We are making efforts every day to expand psychotherapy care for our community as this is often the resiliency factor in treatment.

increase our patients access to psychotherapy Austin Therapists, Psychologists, Counseling

Austin Therapists, Psychologists & Counseling

In early January 2019, we launched a pilot program titled “Therapist in Residence” at Pondworks.  The goals were to increase our patient’s access to psychotherapy, create trusted connections with community therapists, and establish a standard of psychotherapy care for our patients.  Our first round is working well.  We established our first therapist in residence and are on track to meet the goals set forth for the project.  That leads to our announcement!  We are looking for our second therapist in residence.  See below our letter the Austin community of psychotherapists and our commitment to the best quality of care for you. 

Introducing Pondworks Second Therapist-in-Residence Position 

Hello All!

We are again excited to launch our second Pondworks Therapist-in-Residence position!
Our first position launched earlier this year and we’re ready to continue building close relationships with our Austin community of psychotherapists.  Our goals for the position continue to focus on improving patient access to psychotherapy and also communication between therapist and medical provider in the split treatment setting. 

This position gives a therapist access to “in-house” case communication, supervision and exposure opportunities. This is for a therapist to be psychoanalytically informed on biopsychosocial care within a team environment. The opportunity currently extends for one year physically at Pondworks. After the first year, we plan to continue supporting our graduated therapist-in-residence by providing them referrals and split-treatment care as a Pondworks associate.  

Please consider the position and feel free to pass on this opportunity to others.  Follow Therapist-in-Residence <> link for details and online application.

Thanks in advance and please feel free to contact me directly,

Bernard Kim, MD  

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