Lauren Cone is a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner with a nursing background in trauma, orthopedics, plastic surgery, and general medical surgical nursing.  She is a graduate of the Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner program at The University of Texas at Austin, where she also received her Bachelor’s degree in Nursing.

Austin Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Lauren is active in ongoing education to keep up with current research that supports what we do in our work with clients, both in prescribing medication and also in psychotherapy.  Her experience as a mental health nurse practitioner includes working with primarily underserved clients in residential and in-home settings throughout the greater Austin area.  Her clients quickly realize that she is genuinely interested in getting to know them and in forming a partnership that will be foundational to improving mental and emotional wellbeing.

When she is away from work, Lauren enjoys spending time with her family in Austin and beyond, hiking with her dogs, cycling and camping in Colorado.

Lauren joined Pondworks Psychiatry & Psychotherapy in August 2018.