Learn How to Motivate for Free!

Learn How to Motivate Yourself and Accomplish What You Want For Free! Today you are really going to get something for free! A book and it talks about how we can motivate for meaningful change in our lives. I’m sorry, but there is work in getting the book’s ideas into your daily life. Hopefully, the ideas will help make the work a little bit easier.

In 1991 Millner & Rollnick published a book on how to help people get motivated to tackle their addictions and it covered a type of therapy title Motivation

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You Can Beat Addiction and Motivate Yourself To A Higher Level

Interviewing. Their down to earth ideas about human change requiring a friendly non-judgemental relationship helping to start self-review and spark motivation caught on rapidly. “And the rest is history” as they say with the therapy framework rapidly reaching great popularity. Learn How to Motivate Yourself and Accomplish What You Want For Free!

In fact, SAMHSA (Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration) found it so useful that in 1999 they published a 244-page book, Tip 35, Enhancing Motivation for Change in Substance Abuse, that is free for anyone to download. Pondworks in Austin, TX knows a ridiculously good deal when we see one! Motivational Interviewing is an awesome therapy framework, and you can’t beat free for a book to read about it. Our Pondworks meetings often use the ideas of Motivation Interviewing and we spend formal educational time on learning the therapy.

So what has happened in the last twenty years since the book was published? The SAMHSA editor took on the challenge in 2017 and came to the following basic conclusion. Some of the ideas have changed but the core remains the same are used daily by many providers including here at Pondworks. The editor highlights some of the changes over the year. Miner and Rollnick also have a 3rd edition book published in 2013 for the most current ideas.

So What’s This Motivation About And Will It Work For Me?

So the basic idea is that change towards health follows along a pathway with different stops along the way. The names for each of these are followed. To help you get the idea I’ll the comments in parentheses relate do many us in our stages to start healthy exercise (see previous exercise blog link). Pre-Contemplation (exercise? What’s that?), Contemplation (I do remember doing it for a few months….I slept better for sure…but it’s hard), Preparation (I think walking early in the morning is doable, I’ll start on Monday in one week), Action (I’m walking!! I’m walking!!), Maintenance (I’m going to write it on the calendar so I don’t forget….Jane and Bob said yes to walk with me on Mondays and Wednesdays).

Interested? In this blog series, I’ll take a look at what makes Motivational Interviewing tick. As you read along with me (or in the SAMHSA free book!), you might find that the basic ideas are helpful beyond issues of addiction and are relatively easy to incorporate into your own self-help or growth. If not, come visit us at Pondworks if you like the ideas, but want more help with them.