/Linda von Kreisler, Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner in Austin Texas
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Linda von Kreisler, MSN, APRN-BC

Linda Von Kreisler, MSN, APRN-BCLinda von Kreisler is one of the most experienced psychiatric nurse practitioners in Austin. She is well versed in psychiatric diagnosis and psychopharmacology, which has earned her an excellent reputation in the Austin psychotherapy community and a steadfast base of referring providers who reach for her number first.

As a patient, you will notice Linda’s warm demeanor, dedication, and ability to connect with people–these skills lay the foundation for her psychotherapy and medication management visits at Pondworks, as well as combined treatments with outside therapists. She has an excellent intuitive feel for what is important to her patients.

Experience Mental Health Care Nurse Practitioner in Austin

Linda has been dedicated to mental health care throughout her professional career and brings a vast array of experience to her practice. The settings in which she has worked include public health, home health care, inpatient hospital units, residential treatment programs, a chemical dependency center, and private practice.

She has treated patients, supervised nurses, directed departments, and taught nursing students. She integrates such approaches as systems theory, cognitive behavioral and psychodynamic therapies in both individual and group settings. She joined Pondworks in August 2013. When Linda is off work, she enjoys spending time with her granddaughter, exercising, keeping up with friends and family, and travelling.