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Run, Ride or Swim. What do you do to stay in shape physically?

What do I gain by Exercising and How Much do I need to do?

What do I gain by Exercising and How Much do I need to do? We live in Austin and people are very active in this loved city of ours. Last time we talked about exercise I introduced the guidelines for American that the American Medical Association put released and the time before then we talked about how yoga can improve your health. So let’s talk today about what you actually have to do and what we can tell you about what to expect by using the table below from JAMA.

Vigorous? Moderate? Light? Each have different levels of benefit, but how do I figure out what I’m doing? We talked in our last article about using google to find a 2.5 mile/hr pace which is moderate exercise. Today we’re going to, no pun intended, talk about the “Talk Test”. This is a great and simple way to get an idea of how hard your exercising. Here is the explanation for the test. If you can carry on a conversation but not sing, the exercise would be moderate, and if you can only say a few words before needing to breathe we would consider it vigorous.

The Importance Of Regular Exercise For Americans

These are really important ways to get an idea of how much you need to exercise. As you can see above, if you are doing vigorous exercise it doubles your benefit. Another way to say it, is your total workout time get’s cut in half.

Now let’s talk about the pay off! There are benefits you get right away and then others that build over time. Almost immediately you can expect to see some improvements in: blood pressure, insulin sensitivity (diabetes type II prevention), sleep, anxiety , depression and cognition(clearer thinking). These benefits keep improving as the months go by and you keep exercising. We are also finding many other ways your health improves as you stick with exercising. If you want more information check out web page and I’ll come back soon with another blog!