Some Common Pitfalls On How To Get Rid Of Insomnia

Insomnia and virtual mental health is a booming business and its obvious to see why. We would like to propose a question to you. That question is ‘Should you look for a virtual solution to mental health care or an “in-person” Austin psychiatrist?’  There are few upsides for you and those virtual solutions can be very tempting.  Of the benefits for you, such as; less time driving, advertised lower costs for services and avoiding the mental health office stigma. These are a few reasons anyone might think about trying out telemental health services.

A Word Of Caution For Insomnia Alternatives

A woman sitting in front of a computer screen giving medical advice.

A telephone mental health operator.

But we have a warning here for you! Be careful with these types of services!  Insomnia and virtual mental health can be a very delicate thing to manage correctly! There are a few validated services with good evidence that we can access in Austin. And also the internet is filled with flashy click bait advertising for psychological services which are not validated or certified.  It is also important for you to know that even evidence-based online programs are comparing themselves to the most basic forms of treatment.

For simple problems, as a starter to therapy, or an add-on to in-person therapy tele-mental health care may be better than nothing.  In fact, at Pondworks we routinely recommend SHUTi which uses an online application to help deliver CBT skills for insomnia.  At Pondworks, psychotherapy and psychiatric care can happen in person with your own individual provider.  We are also committed to reviewing our Austin patients thoroughly. We want all our patients’ full access to their mental wellness.  Our psychiatrists will continue to review where tele-mental health services can be safely and effectively used.