What Are The Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans?

Have you ever wondered, what are the physical activity guidelines for Americans? Or for anyone in the world for that matter? In Fall 2018 the American Medical Association put us all on notice with a new guideline. And this new guideline shouldn’t be a surprise to most of us. We’ve been hearing this for years, and its official now. Physical activity is really, really good for us!!!

two women having fun high five yoga

Get Active With A Freind And Have Fun!

Now this may not be the first time you’ve heard this, but it never hurts to remind and refocus. Much of our physical and mental health has to do with this idea of returning in a “new, imaginative” way to what we all know to be true. It breathes life and fun into our needed daily activities.

Strong Evidence Links Exercise To Fewer Risks For Developing Depression And Anxiety

The AMA article talks about the heaps of strong evidence that point to the many benefits of exercise. Some of the best benefits help to lessen risks for developing depression and anxiety. If you already are suffering from these, physical activity is also one of the ingredients that can help you break out symptoms. Take a look at the link to their quick how-to video. It has a lot of good tips you could steal for yourself. For instance, here’s one: Walking needs to be about 2.5 miles/hour to fit the guidelines for moderate exercise. So how in the world do I know if I’m walking 2.5m/hr? Here’s a quick life hack! Find a destination on Apple or Google maps. The estimated time of arrival is based on a pace of guess what! Just about 2.5miles per hour!

So check out the guidelines and video and get started, add a little more or a little something new to your weekly exercise.

Look at this link to watch a video explaining even more – https://media.jamanetwork.com/jama-report/summary-video-physical-activity-guidelines-for-americans/

Living In Austin Texas And Getting Out And Active

One of the great things about living here in Austin is the abundance of ways to get active. There are many run clubs around the city. There is also a plethora of yoga studios, gyms and even workouts in Zilker Park. Many of these group workouts are free as well! Its all about exploring a bit online to find what type of activity you would like to partake in, the size and attitude of the group and the style of working out. There is literally something for every age, body type and level of ability in the city of Austin.

And for more guidelines and assistance reach out to our office today in North Austin. We have many methods in order to get you up to speed and healthy mentally and physically.