What Is The Thyroid Gland And How Does It Work?

Hello All! Dr. Bernard Kim here from Pondworks Psychiatry & Psychotherapy here to talk a little bit today about our thyroid gland. How does the thyroid gland work? I wrote the following article on the thyroid and how it functions in your body. You’ll find information below on where the gland is located, what does your thyroid do, and signs and symptoms if it not working correctly. You can also find out more information on our YouTube channel here

Where is the thyroid gland located?

Is Your Thyroid Functioning Correctly?

Is Your Thyroid Functioning Correctly?

To locate your thyroid gland, follow these instructions. If you can find your Adam’s apple, the thyroid is located just below your Adam’s apple. You will find your thyroids location on both sides of your neck, right about halfway down on your neck, and either side of the adam’s apple.

What does the thyroid do and how does it work?

The thyroid has several functions, particularly around metabolism and energy level; in psychiatry, we noticed it overlaps with mood, anxiety, motivation, and energy levels. 

What are the signs of my thyroid not working correctly?

I always break that question of is my thyroid is working correctly down into two parts. The first part will happen if my thyroid level is too high.

What are the symptoms if my thyroid level is too high?

If someone’s thyroid levels too high, there are body effects. There are psychiatric effects. Some of the more common body effects are having too much energy. Other products of an overactive thyroid are hot sweating or hot flashes. These are particularly notable if you’re feeling hot in the room and others around you feel just right. These feelings are in terms of physical temperature. 

I mentioned a few to you already regarding psychiatry, and here are a couple more if your level is too high.

You might feel anxious, and you might feel irritable, you might feel as if he can’t slow down. Is there some of the more common side effects or symptoms of having a thyroid level that’s too high? 

What are the symptoms if my thyroid level is too low and not working enough?

What will you experience if your thyroid one was too low well and someone is there of the reverse of having a high level of thyroid slow flow energy essential weight gain cold intolerance that’s the opposite of heat intolerance that I described earlier you’re in a room, and you feel cold, and everyone else feels like it’s a good temperature term of psychiatric symptoms one of the predominant ones we noticed is a low mood or depression in along with that having a low energy level or feeling a motivated

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