Your Mental Health Team – An Austin Psychiatrist Committed to Teamwork

Here at Pondworks, you’ll find an outpatient psychiatry clinic that really works. The reason why is because we ALL work together as a team. Our founder, Bernard Kim, MD heads the clinic and demonstrates each day his commitment to the highest level of outpatient care available. When you look for a psychiatrist in Austin you are looking for a mental health provider with the highest level of training.  Unfortunately in Austin, the number of people looking for appointments with psychiatrists exceeds the number available to care for you.  Long wait times for initial appointments have become the “new normal”.  This might put a lot of pressure on you to make a relationship with a psychiatrist work even when it may not be the greatest match.  Sometime the match is the most important part of your care.  When you find mental health clinic team working closely with a psychiatrist committed to teamwork you might lose very little in your care quality working with other team members.  Here at Pondworks in Austin, this team includes therapists and nurse practitioners.

Teamwork for Your Mental Health Provider In Austin Texas

A Strong Mental Health Team Starts With Teamwork!

Teamwork Prevents Shorter Appointments and Abandoning Psychotherapy.

Worse yet, the need for appointments has pushed psychiatrists to shorten appointments. In some cases completely abandoning performing psychotherapy. Your mental health team and your Austin psychiatrist should be committed to quality care which includes both medication and therapy.  Dr. Kim fears that the current trends have taken away some of the most important aspects of care, and diluted the care quality to a level that leaves many patients unsatisfied with their care.  In our field of psychiatry, the effort to give greater access to care thru shorter appointments may backfire in the quality of our treatment relationships with patients.

At Pondworks, Dr. Kim has created a team approach to restore balance. It combines a psychiatrist’s extensive training and experience base the with longer appointment times that having a team of therapists and nurse practitioners can provider.  It also leads to shorter wait times for new evaluations.

We’re Committed To Training Our Mental Health Team to Understand the Healing Power of Talking. 

This truly is a team where Dr. Kim is in the office devoting time each day to training. Dr. Kim and his team help new nurse practitioners in how to not just write prescriptions but understand the healing power of talk therapy. When you look up Austin Psychiatrist on Google and schedule an appointment at Pondworks you are getting a unique treatment where Dr. Kim is working in the background to support your provider. For example,  Dr. Kim schedules standing weekly full therapy slots for supervision for each of his providers. A time where they can ask questions, get answers and feel a deep sense of pride in their work.  

The outcome of time in supervision often shows in how Pondworks providers are able deepen their treatment relationships and are able to see “lives matter beyond symptoms”.  It is a large commitment of time and energy Dr. Kim is proud to uniquely offer in Austin.

Visit Our Top Rated Team Of Trained Nurse Practitioners in Austin

So look up Pondoworks Psychiatry in Austin, review the bio for one of our excellent nurse practitioners.  Then know Dr. Kim is there as well.  His picture and bio connect him to Pondworks and his commitment to the team is woven into your treatment with any of our Pondworks providers.